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Once Upon a Time…

While in the midst of a spring-cleaning blitz, a serious discussion was had (with myself) about the need to keep old t-shirts that I no longer wore.  As a US Navy veteran and huge fan of world travel, a fair number of memorabilia shirts were stuffed in drawers and hung in closets, all just taking up valuable space.  They were eventually relocated to a giant plastic tub in the garage, but they weren’t going anywhere.  I simply could not part with them!

After months of thinking, drawing, staring, contemplating and planning, I grabbed scissors and did it!  I made my first t-shirt quilt using the ‘Mosaic’ style that I had devised.  My Mosaic version solved a lot of problems that the traditional methods of t-shirt quilting had.  This method has since been revised and refined to artistic precision but, I loved my original quilt…flaws and all! 

Journey Quilt's first Quilt

This was over 20 years ago!

Since then, my little project has evolved into a career for me and an answer to the same question that so many people have.

“What do I do with all these treasured keepsake t-shirts that I no longer wear but cannot bear to part with??”

The answer is in Journey Quilt Company’s Mission Statement:

The transformation of t-shirts and traditional clothing into cohesive, personalized quilts is the foundation of Journey Quilt Company. 

Each original work must encompass sentimental value, artistic design, everyday functionality, and long-term durability. 

We exist only because ‘Today’s Adventures are Tomorrow’s Irreplaceable Memories.’

From myself, our employees (artisans, really) and Greta the shop dog, we invite you to visit and tour our showroom and studio to see for yourself how we can preserve and protect some of life’s most precious memories for yourself and those you love. 

Until then, happy adventures!

Trish Maxwell

Oh, and just in case you were wondering…Yes! I still curl up with my very first t-shirt quilt…every day.

Journey Girls