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What are your prices?

For T-shirt Quilt pricing, click here.
If your quilt is 50% t-shirts or MORE, T-shirt pricing applies.

For Legacy quilt pricing, click here.
If your quilt is 50% OTHER TYPES of clothing, Legacy pricing applies.

For Longarm Quilting pricing, click here.

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How many shirts do I need to make a Mosaic T-shirt Quilt?

The short answer: Bring them all! We will make a quilt that is the right size for you.

To be accurate with quilt sizing, pricing, and construction, we calculate the total square inches of all your graphics – not how many shirts you have.
For example, if you are a concert fan and have 16 concert t-shirts with large graphics on front and back, you can make an approximate 7’ x 8’ queen-sized quilt.
Yet, if you are a golfer and only have small pocket-sized logos, it takes over 500 (yes, 500!) to make the approximate same sized quilt.

Concert formula:
16”x16” graphic=256sq”
256sq”x 32 graphics = 8132 sq”

Golfer formula:
4” x 4” graphic = 16sq”
16sq” x 500 graphics = 8000 sq”

Don’t worry too much about the numbers. That’s our job! We have a multitude of methods we use daily to create the exact right-sized quilt for you.

There is no such thing as not enough shirts.

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Can I add things other than t-shirts?

Absolutely!  We encourage clients to bring us everything they might want in their quilt.  We might surprise you with the long list of odd things we’ve put into Mosaic Quilts over the years.

Journey Quilt Company staff will offer suggestions, options, and ideas for you to consider regarding unique items that you may want in your Mosaic Quilt.  If you are not sure if an item can be stitched into your quilt, please ask.  The answer is usually YES!

However, there are a few limitations to consider:

It must be laundered according the most delicate fabric in it.  If you add silk, wool, or other non-machine wash/dry fabrics, then the entire quilt must be cared for as a delicate.  If you have 3D items attached, like stuffed animals or buckles, it will be less comfortable to snuggle with, etc.

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How long does it take to create a Mosaic T-shirt Quilt or Legacy Quilt?

Just a few weeks!  If you have a firm due date, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Should I trim my t-shirt graphics?

No. We would prefer that you bring all your items to us intact.  However, if your shirts are already trimmed, it’s ok!  We have mastered many techniques for resizing, enhancement, and repair.  We have transformed countless items from ‘ready for the rag bag’ to ‘centerpiece/focal point’.

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What is the difference between a Mosaic T-shirt Quilt and a Legacy Quilt?

Legacy Quilts are created using clothing items other than t-shirts.  We incorporate the 3D parts of clothes such as collars, buttons, pockets, etc. along with the clothing fabric.

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Why is there a price difference between Mosaic T-shirt Quilts and Legacy Quilts?

Legacy Quilts have a slightly higher price point because we have to deconstruct, mount, and stabilize many of the items prior to adding them into the quilt.  We have to work around collars, cuffs, pleats and darts.  We also have to pay special attention to stretchy fabrics, satiny sheens, plaids, stripes, etc.  These all play a very important role in the overall finished look of your Legacy Quilt.

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How do I get started?

Visit our Edmond, OK studio at your convenience.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

If you live outside the OKC metro area, you can ship your items to us.  We routinely complete quilts for clients coordinating via phone, text, and email.  We will return ship right to your door.

If you would prefer to schedule a private appointment, we would be happy to meet with you after hours or in a private setting.  Most consultations last 30 minutes or less.

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What is the process you go through to make a Mosaic Quilt?

Getting to know you is the best part of the process. A designer will measure your graphics determining the finished quilt dimensions and budget for your Mosaic Quilt. We will also guide you through border and backing fabric selection and stitching style options.

Each shirt is individually trimmed based on the size of the graphic using our exclusive template system.  All graphics are used, unless noted.  No graphic is too large or too small. Any adjustments or repairs are made at this time.

Layout specialists, using our computer program, create a map based on color arrangement and pattern placement.  The map is the foundation of your Mosaic Quilt and ensures that your finished quilt is visually balanced, showcasing your graphics.

Your trimmed graphics are placed on a large assembly table as indicated by the corresponding map.  The layout specialists then reevaluate, any adjustments are made, and a final approval is given by the designers to proceed with assembly.

Our award winning sewists measure, pin, and stitch the trimmed graphics together, one by one.  Each seam must be accurately stitched, not only for visual perfection, but also ensuring that your quilt will withstand a lifetime of use.

Borders have a dual purpose. Functionally, they keep the assembled quilt top straight and square throughout the quilting process.  Visually, they give your Mosaic Quilt a clean, colorful frame.

After loading your quilt top into the longarm frame, our quilt artists expertly guide the quilting machine as they custom stitch across your quilt top.  This process is what holds the three layers of your Mosaic Quilt together.

The binding provides the finishing touch around the outside edge of your quilt.  We create bindings ‘on the fold’ which means you have two layers for strength and durability.

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How does payment work?

We accept all major debit/credit/gift cards.

Mosaic T-shirt and Legacy quilts require 50% deposit when orders are placed, balance due at completion.

Longarm and Binding services may be paid at dropoff or pickup.

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Can I ship my t-shirts to you?

Yes!  As soon as your box of t-shirts arrives, we will do a quick measure of all the graphics to determine size and budget based on what you have sent. Then we will call you to let you know that your items have safely arrived and to discuss any specific requests you may have.

The only ‘homework’ you have to do is:

  • 1) gather together your collection of t-shirts and,
  • 2) mark any graphics that you DON’T want (blue painters tape works great for this).

We will send you a photo of your t-shirts along with your selected border and backing fabrics to ensure you like the color combination.  Occasionally, if there are a lot of questions, we simply facetime with you to discuss details as if you were sitting right here in our studio.

We will ship your finished quilt to you via USPS Priority Mail unless requested otherwise. Remnant fabrics are returned on request. All packages are insured for the amount of services provided by Journey Quilt Company. If you would prefer a different carrier or additional insurance, please contact us. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

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Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes. Gift cards can be purchased for any amount.

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Can I hang my quilt up for display?

We can easily add a ‘sleeve’ to the back of your quilt which will not be visible when on display.  Then, simply hang on a decorative curtain rod.  The weight will be evenly distributed, protecting your quilt.

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How do I care for and store my quilt?

Sometimes, airing out is all your quilt needs. Sunshine and fresh breeze for a few hours.  If laundering is needed, always wash in cold water on gentle cycle.  Tumble dry low for 10-15 minutes only, then lay across a bed and let air dry completely.  Dry clean only if your quilt contains delicate fabrics that cannot be washed and/or dried.

Ideally, the best display of a quilt is on a bed or draped over your favorite chair.  To hang, we can construct a sleeve so your quilt can be hung from a decorative rod.  Display out of direct sunlight to prevent damage.

Store your Mosaic Quilt in a new (not used) cotton pillowcase.  Pillowcases deter dust and insects and help prevent mildew.

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What fabric can you put on the back of a quilt?

For quilts that Journey makes in-house, we use 100% high-quality quilter’s cotton for the borders, backing, and binding.

If we are finishing a quilt that you made, your backing fabric must be quilter’s cotton or quilter’s flannel. We are no longer able to accept non-traditional fabrics for quilt backings, including minky, chenille, fleece, upholstery, garment fabrics, or bed sheets.

Journey reserves the right to decline any material that may cause mechanical issues with our equipment.

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What’s the biggest quilt Journey can make?

The largest quilt top we can quilt is 120″ wide. The largest quilt backing fabric we can fit on our quilting machine is 128″ wide.

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Any alteration, change, modification, addition, or repair made on any portion of Journey Quilt Company products will void the warranty extended by Journey Quilt Company, LLC. All sales are final. Effective October 1, 2014.

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