Legacy Quilts

Legacy Quilts are created using clothing items other than t-shirts. We incorporate the 3D parts of clothes such as collars, buttons, pockets, etc. along with the clothing fabric. 

What can we add to your quilt?

We encourage clients to bring us everything they might want in their quilt. We might surprise you with the long list of odd things we’ve put into Legacy Quilts over the years.

Journey Quilt Company staff will offer suggestions, options, and ideas for you to consider regarding unique items that you may want in your Legacy Quilt.  If you are not sure if an item can be stitched into your quilt, please ask.  The answer is usually YES!

However, there are a few limitations to consider:

It must be laundered according the most delicate fabric in it.  If you add silk, wool, or other non-machine wash/dry fabrics, then the entire quilt must be cared for as a delicate.  If you have 3D items attached, like stuffed animals or buckles, it will be less comfortable to snuggle with, etc.

Turnaround Time

Our current turn-around is 5 weeks or less.  Please let us know if you have a firm due date, we will do our best to accommodate.


Legacy Quilts have a slightly higher price point than our T-shirt Quilts because we have to deconstruct, mount, and stabilize many of the items prior to adding them into the quilt.  We have to work around collars, cuffs, pleats and darts.  We also have to pay special attention to stretchy fabrics, satiny sheens, plaids, stripes, etc.  These all play a very important role in the overall finished look of your Legacy Quilt.


SizeFinished SizeClothing ItemsPrice
Lap 3′ x 4′5-10$400
Small 4′ x 5′10-15$550
Medium 5′ x 6′15-20$700
Large 6′ x 7′20-25$850


SizeFinished SizeClothing ItemsPrice
Queen7′ x 8′25-30$1000
King8′ x 9′30-35$1200
Massive9′ x 10′35-40$1450
Maximum 11′ x 11′45-50$1600


SizeFinished SizePrice
Standard16″ x 16″$100
Add ons: Custom size, labels, neckties, etc$25 ea
  • Prices good through Dec 31 2023.